Balsamico Italiano Pickled Quail Eggs


With an Italian inspiration, these pickled quail eggs are great with mezze platters or charcuterie; in salads or simply as a snack. Ingredients includes boiled, peeled quail eggs, balsamic vinegar, salt, herbs and spices.

Quail eggs are small (three to four quail eggs roughly equates to one chicken egg), but regardless of their size they are regarded as nature’s superfoods as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high quality protein and good fats. For being so small, these eggs are surprisingly rich in nutrients.

Low in calories, but super filling – a single quail egg is
roughly 15 calories, yet because of healthy fat and complete
protein content, they are exceptionally filling. Quail eggs
contain more fat and protein by weight, double the iron and
riboflavin, and about one-third more vitamin B12 than
chicken eggs.

Loaded with nutrients – because quail eggs have a higher
yolk-to-white ration than chicken eggs, they have more
nutrients by weight, as almost all of the nutrients are
contained in the yolk. A single egg provides a significant
amount of your daily riboflavin and choline needs along with
some iron. Quail eggs also contain large amounts of vitamin C
and vitamin A, which can help

Packed with protein – quail eggs are unique in that it
contains large amounts of ovomucoid protein – a protein
that acts as an anti-allergenic.

Filled with antioxidants – quail eggs are rich in nutrients and
full of health-promoting antioxidants that may help reverse
cellular damage. They also contain brain nutrients, once of
which is choline, which is vital to helping your body make
acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that sends messages from
your nervous system to your muscles.

Weight250 g


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