Silly Chicken


These cute hand-crafted chicken are made of 100% Shwe Shwe cotton and filled with cotton and dried beans. The wattle, wings and beak are made of felt and the eyes are of black embroidery floss.

Weight approximate 160g, 110mm x 100 mm

Available on backorder

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These silly chickens are made with traditional yellow African Shwe Shwe cotton materials which adds to a bright and visual experience while having fun.

Use as a bean-bag for children in many ways:

  • balancing activities
  • bean-bag race
  • hula-hoop toss
  • bean-bag hop-scotch
  • bean-bag bowling
  • simple game of catch
  • bean-bag hockey or netball
  • bean-bag juggling
  • bean-bag h0t-potato game

You can also use these Silly Chickens as fabric/pattern weights.


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