Gathering Apron


Reversible apron with contrasting waistband and extra long apron strings to fit all adult sizes.

Side 1: waist apron with pocket for your mobile or garden secateurs.

Side 2: waist apron with button in front. To gather – draw the strings and secure around the button, and voila! An instant basket.

Made with 100% ethnic African print Shwe Shwe cotton in contrasting colours, coconut buttons, wood toggle and ribbon.

Size: 52cm x 56cm. Total length of apron strings: 236cm

Available on backorder

Not just any normal waist apron – this Gathering apron is useful as it is trendy. Also known as a basket apron. You can use it inside the house or outside in the garden


On the button-side, draw the strings and secure around the button to make a basket. The apron gathers to a handy basket which prevents things falling out. It is great for:

  • collecting items around the house
  • harvesting olives, berries, fruit or vegetables in the garden or orchard
  • useful when you want to do a spot of weeding in the garden

When finished…. unravel the draw-string from the button, and smooth out the apron to it’s original position when the basket is not in use.

Lots of trendy colour combinations and children’s sizes coming soon.




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