Sunflower Microgreens


Sunflower microgreens have a crunch, pleasantly nutty, and slightly wheat flavor. Its a great choice for any salad mix garnish or in smoothies. Rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins.


Microgreens, also known as “vegetable confetti” has many
benefits, from flavoring your dishes to improving your health.
Microgreens are germinating seedlings and these tiny greens
pack a powerful nutritional punch.


  • They contain up to 40 times the amount of micro
    and macro nutrients as their fully grown
  • Contains high levels of Vitamins A, E and K.
  • Some microgreens can contain up to 200% of your
    daily vitamin C intake in a 100g portion.
  • Nutrient contents very slightly most varieties tend to
    be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and
    copper and are also a great source of beneficial plant
    compounds like antioxidants.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Due to a short grow time of 7 – 21 days no pesticide
    or herbicide is used or needed.
  • No fertilizer is used when growing the microgreens
    in sustainable coco choir.
  • Produces zero unusable waste. BUY FRESH.
  • We grow to order and deliver fresh within 24 hours
    after harvesting.
  • You can purchase a returnable-tray and harvest
    them when needed.

How To Use

  • Microgreens can enhance color and flavor, and
    add texture to any dish while delivering a nutritional
  • Microgreens are best eaten fresh. Using them in
    dishes is as easy as sprinkling them on top of the
    food once it is ready for serving.
  • With the amount of textures, colors and
    complimentary tastes, you are sure to find one that
    can give you a perfect look for your dish.
  • Mung bean sprouts can be eaten raw, in soups or to
    compliment an Asian-inspired stir-fry.
Weight40 g


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